SundayWorship LogoSundayWorship, recently updated to version 1.2, is a Bible verse and song projection software for church services or other events, developed by Gary Sims and his friend, Matthew Steed. I know there are plenty of programs of this kind, some of them free and/or open-source, but in spite of that, many times I see our churches use various improvisations, such as PowerPoint slides and funny look-up strategires. Maybe this is because existing programs fall into two categories: they are either too expensive, or more expensive than a worship leader or church committee is willing to spend, or is free but is trying to achieve so much that it’s full of menus and features that simply scare you away.

SundayWorship is, I think, somewhere in the middle: it’s very easy to use, has practically no learning curve and the price is, very good. Below are some of the program’s features:

  • Ability to add a large number of songs in the database
  • Very fast start-up time, super-fast search in songs or the Bible (new in version 1.2, searching within the song contents, not just title)
  • Bible translations included: KJV, ASV and Romanian Cornilescu (more can be installed)
  • Project one verse or an entire passage at once.
  • Two displays, one for previewing, privately and one LIVE
  • Ability to display announcements, notifications, on top or bottom, along with existing projections (songs, verses)
  • My favorite: ability to create schedules with pre-selected songs or verses, for use in worship programs.

New in 1.2 are, among others:

  • Specify preferences regarding the display of Bible verse references.
  • Video playback
  • Live webcam or camera playback
  • Searching contents of songs

Other features:

  • Importing/Exporting of the entire database to XML.
  • Ability to specify authors or song copyright information and searching through it

See more at – here you can obtain a 30-day trial version or buy a license via PayPal.