Another tool along the lines of ninite is allmyapps, a website where you can add your favorite apps to a list, pretty much like using a shopping cart and then automatically download and install all of them.


Unlike ninite or filehippo, you are required to create an account, but the list of applications, compared to ninite is far longer (about 125 at the time of writing), although some very popular ones were missing (Chrome, Skype?).

The site also has a ‘My purchases’ section likely to refer to buying apps that are not free, and I am curious to see how they are going to implement that.

Now, don’t tell me you hate reinstalling, with all this automation-goodness!

Two things though:

– the installation is not quite so ‘unattended’ as it is with ninite. Some programs do trigger the install wizard and you need to drive
– at first it was odd that the installation of their client installed and did not say anything else. I thought it had not installed properly. But it gets run when you click ‘Install’ from your ‘list’ in your account.