I used to install Windows like every two-three months. Hopefully this won’t be the case with Windows7. But when you DO reinstall, the time spent to get all those apps you love back onto the machine gets longer each month.

After having played around with a number of  ‘automatic’ installer/updater programs for multiple apps, the app of the week is… a website: ninite.com — select what apps you want to install (currently from a list of the most popular ones – hopefully they will expand it fast!), and one button away you get a small installer which after you run, installs (quietly) all the selected apps. Neat!

Second on the list of great apps in this category is FileHippo’s automatic updater. This one discovers which apps have had updated versions and redirects you to a page where you can download all of them (manually, I’m afraid).

Now, if only FileHippo teamed with Ninite! Hmm.. it would be a winner combination!